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28 June 2009 @ 06:25 pm
today, i did something quite interesting. i looked up a cheap and easy way to clean silver using household materials, and it turns out if you put the piece of silver in a container with salt, pieces of aluminum foil, and hot water, and shake it around, it will clean the tarnish off your silver!!! it worked like a charm, and it was also a mad scientist moment for me.
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01 August 2008 @ 02:52 am
today, i woke up to emmie calling and telling me that i was going to go to san diego today. emmie, dan, and luigi gave me about 15 minutes to wake up and pack swimwear and other miscellaneous and then it was go time. the drive there was great, really nice weather. we stopped by a view point and one rest stop. we arrived at emmie's aunt and uncles place, was given a lot of wine and some great salad and steak. that was probably the peak of the entire trip. so around 8 or 9, we head downtown to discover the sights for ourselves, and also to meet up with chelsea, emmies friend at the h.o.b in sd. this band called chromeo? was playing. we wait around for about 2 hours, doing nothing, which entails eating pizza, going to 711, drinking some whiskey, and making fun of everyone, and then find out that chelsea has gone home. so we then all moan and decide it would be best to just go back home. the end!
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21 May 2008 @ 08:24 pm
so today, i woke up and went to the dentist. i'm not too afraid of the dentist, but i don't really enjoy going to see the dentist either. the dental assistant took a few xrays of my teeth and figured that i needed my right wisdom tooth to be pulled out. i was in a state of half mortification. so the procedure began, she injected into my gums some sort of anesthetic, and then got down to business. even with the anesthetic, i was still able to feel some pain and distinguish if she was cutting me or sewing me up. so the procedure was finally done, and i went to the front counter, the dentist only prescribed antibiotics and no pain killers. what a fuckin' buzz kill. so i was fine with that because i thought that my tooth socket wouldnt hurt that bad, but i go home, fall asleep and when i wake up i wake up to this throbbing pain in my mouth. of course i went ballistic and punched my walls and then weeped a little and took 2 motrins and tried to fall asleep again. FUCK MY DENTIST SHE IS STUPID I WANTED SOME VICODIN!
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18 May 2008 @ 12:25 pm
so its been a while since i posted but finals have come and gone... somewhat. yesterday i went to see a show of audacity, am, makeoutparty, pteradactdudes(sp?) play on a boat. i thought that i would get ultra queazy but i did not, thank the high heavens. too tired to post anything in depth right now, but it was fun. more fun to come in the summaaa!
23 March 2008 @ 09:20 pm
my luggage never got through the baggage claim so i had to file a missing bag form today. fucking sucks ass cause i have so much shit in that bag. i felt like crying, but i didn't. also, my cellphone does not work because the payment is off...
23 March 2008 @ 03:09 am
so, jimmy blogged in his blog and he has a few pictures up on it so here is a preview of some of the highlights of the week

jimmy's blog
22 March 2008 @ 07:13 pm
so today, brian and sean had to leave but they both missed their flights. i think brian got the next flight available but sean came back. he said it was the worst experience ever because nobody would help him and nobody spoke english and everyone was being an ass. so then after he came back, we went to the market and bought some food items to make a meal. i'm leaving tomorrow so i just packed all my shit. thats all for now, nothing exciting has happened yet, supposedly there is supposed to be a party at jimmys apartment--held by jimmys roommate but we might not want to be here for that so we will probably go out to some chill bar.
22 March 2008 @ 05:52 am
holy fucking shit... right now it is currently 5:52 am and jimmy's douche 29 year old roommate is sleeping on the couch snoring like a mother fucker. so, sean is leaving and before he does brian goes up to jimmy's roommates sleeping face and farts on it.... and it was fucking hilarious. laughter ensues, and so do the continuous farts. in total, sean and brian must have farted on him like 6 times. we got a good video of the process and i will eventually post that. it was so fucking hilarious he must have breathed in all that fart dust. hahahahahaah!
22 March 2008 @ 04:23 am
so today, we went to the champs elysees and walked to the the arc de triomph. it was fucking freezing, but it was awesome! after the arc, we walked to a restaurant and ate some good food. i bought a steak... which was small but filling. after dinner, we walked to the eiffel tower, which was lit up. there were a lot of people selling like souvenirs and it was really fucking annoying to fend them up. after that, we walked to the apartment... fell asleep for some time then i woke up and we were looking up unusual deaths and unusual afflictions. well around 3 or 4 am we made patty melts... probably the most delicious thing i've had ever--and as usual had an after meal smoke. i can't wait to go back to california and buy some cheap food, cheap smokes, and cheap alcohol. the dollar is really really fucking lame. hopefully with a new president in office, it will eventually go up again. besides the political bullshit.... i dont know what i want to do tomorrow, maybe the tuilleries(sp?)?
21 March 2008 @ 04:08 pm
ok, so letsee what happened yesterday. well, i fell asleep at like 6 am ish and then everyone slept the entire day. we woke up at around 3 pm got some food then napped, again. i dont really remember when we woke up again, but we went out at around 12 am to the bar. well, wait no we went to get some alcohol to pregame before. i drank an entire bottle of champagne and a can of beer. well, i was thoroughly buzzing when we went to La Mecanique uhhhh what happened? i dont really remember... we met this girl who had a twin, uhh, this guy named moe bought a drink for me and he had pretty good taste in music. i got really fucking trashed the entire night. so uh, the bar closed at 2 and the french twin girls took us to another bar that was open later... i basically do not remember anything that happened there. yeah. so here is a list of things i drank

bottle of champagne
can of beer
2 mohito's
2 beers

and now, i just woke up its 4:15 pm, i have been throwing up like a few times during the night and day. i feel fucking terrible i feel like i need to throw up again. i think we are going to go watch PB wolf today on a boat or something.